Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quick and Foraged

My Dad brought round some blackberries a few days ago. The time is right and they are on every bush in London. He usually comes bearing gifts: a couple of slices of homemade bread wrapped in foil; a little bracelet; a book he can't cope with throwing away; even old curtains once with the suggestion they would make a nice dress! But these blackberries were lovely. Billy, our boy, had a few fistfulls but I knew he wouldn't get through all of them. So I whipped up a quick pudding with them. And it was the perfect use for some urban foraging. Nothing more than heated with about a tablespoon of water and the same of sugar. Once cool I stirred in set natural yogurt, and piled into some glasses. Tart and delicious and beautifully marbled.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Accidental wheat-free noodle salad for a perfect summer lunch box.

I've always had a bit of a fixation with noodle salads and moreover glass noodle salads. There is something so etherial about their whole business. They seem angelic, and suit clean flavours and crunchiness and sweetness and basically all things vietnamese in style. But I had always thought it was a bit of pot luck whether you ended up with clear strands or the milky siblings that are common. It turns out, after a lot of delving and questions at Wing Tai Supermarket (their staff are eternally long-suffering to my over-keen questions) that the difference lies is the ingredients and it's not pot-luck after all. The noodles that I love with all my heart, it turns out, are made with mung beans, and the milky noodles which are everywhere are made with rice. Viola! Sometimes understanding the simple nuances makes such a big difference in cooking and indeed results.

So it turns out that my favourite noodles of all time are actually wheat-free. This has come in very handy at Rosie's as our salad boxes are fast becoming our best selling lunch. Having this gorgeous light summery salad on offer is the perfect solution for all those poor people who can't indulge in the hunks of bread and bowls of pasta I am want to devour. It's the beauty of accidental health food.