Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The nice people at Carlton Publishing sent me a rather beautiful book recently. A whole book dedicated to kitchen stuff, Essential Equipment for the Kitchen, this book isn't the normal sort of thing that I talk about on here. But that's the deal: you get sent a book. You talk about it. I could dress it up with some sort of preamble but that usually looks a bit heavy handed. So I won't.
That said, this book is genuinely right up my street. And I'm not being paid to say so or anything! Each page is dedicated to a different design classic or kitchen object of desire. I do love a design classic.
The reassuring fact here, is how many of these design classics I actually own. It makes me feel like I'm really getting somewhere, building my tiny little empire of Kilner jars, pyrex jugs, Nambu Tekki saucepans (a wedding present). The beauty of this sort of a catalogue is that it makes you look at those ordinary every day objects with renewed respect. It's easy to forget how brilliant the ordinary is.
And then the other quality of a book like this is that it gets the juices flowing for the list of 'wants': my top three are the Robert Welch candlestick; the Jasper Morrison Kettle (so sleek!) and more Global knives. Anyone, feel free to gift!
This book makes for an excellent bit of bedtime reading and well worth giving to someone that a. likes design. b. likes cooking. Simple.

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