Thursday, February 24, 2011

BONITO in San Agustinillo

I've just got back from Mexico (so excuse my ramblings because I'm pretty jet-lagged!) We travelled around and had a fantastic time. The Colours (bright), the smells (smoky), and most of all the people (just seriously sunny) were really the ticket. But as is often the case, my favourite meal was not only the simplest but also the cheapest. At the village of San Augustinillo, Oaxaca state, I walked past the Miscelenia (a road side buy-whatever-you-need vegetables, water, sweets and corona shack) each day. There was always a gaggle of women and children and footballs but most of all, a massive barbeque binding these together. On our penultimate day I saw a rangy mexican weighed down by the mornings catch: Bonito, which is like a small tuna. I new where to go for lunch!

The Bonito where gutted and simply sliced in half and barbequed. This is the way that most of the fish came on the coast. Plain and simple and smoky. But the lovely ladies hanging in the back kitchen then flaked it off the main fish and made a hash with white onions (seemingly the most commonly used onion in Mexico), some tomatoes and green chillies and maybe some orange zest (we couldn't quite tell?). It was served with tacos and limes for squeezing. Just so simple and so bloody good we couldn't believe it! We were on a real high from such a delicious and fresh lunch and celebrated with Sorrel icicles and more holiday Micheladas.

I may well write a few other posts going off on one about our lovely holiday food, so please bare with me... xxx


  1. Hi,
    I share your name! I got married last year becoming Rosie Lovell and my friend searched on google and saw your book. She bought it me for my birthday and it is a brilliant cooking book. Thank you for getting me cooking. My family and friends are eternally grateful to you that they don't have to eat burnt food anymore!

  2. HURRAY! love from one lovell to another xxx