Thursday, January 20, 2011

HERCULES. I'm having a LOVE AFFAIR with a Tartlet

I'm hungover today. We went to see Hercules and Love Affair at Heaven last night with the fat white duke and got a little bit carried away. I think being amoungst the glayterrati gave me a light head. The new album has been playing in the deli all week, and I'm totally obsessed with 'My House' which has an awesome video on youtube. So I was champing at the bit to see what they are like live. The band weren't half good too, with loads of jumping around in jumpy-suits. Though in a very suburban way, I'm still trying to work out what sex everyone was! And just to top off the night, The Horse Meat Disco were playing records afters, which is always a pleasure, not least because it is my constant goal to turn them straight. I fear I am loosing this battle.

Anyway, I've got one of those all day hunger-chain-smoking-delirious hangovers, and there's isn't a great deal in the house. Or so I thought....
There's puff pastry, a few eggs, some celery, leeks and rather pathetic looking nob of goat's cheese left over from the afore mentioned pizza session. Not so bad. I rolled out the pastry and sauteed some onion, celery and leeks. The edge of the pastry was brushed with a beaten egg and the vegetables tipped into the centre. The remaining egg was poured on top and a few roundels of cheese positioned. Into a very hot oven (240C) for about 10 minutes, and straight out onto my plate. Washed down with a pint of Earl Grey tea, and things are looking up. It's gooey from the cheese and the pastry, puff, never ceases to amaze me. I may just have a dance to 'My House'. It's where I am, after all.

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