Thursday, October 14, 2010


I feel a special coming on at Rosie's. The Russet jelly appears s- far- to have worked! It's got a really delicate nature and I think will be delicious with the Monte Enebro goat's cheese that is coming tomorrow from Brindisa. I really can't wait to try it, but must wait for it to set.

And while we are talking jellies, this is Magz' one, with grape and chilli. It's delicious with eggy bread, and I should think that's what we'll be eating on Sunday morning after a night on the town. It's sweet and has the perfect after-tingle from the chilli.


  1. I made my first jelly last week - redcurrant - and it worked really well.

    Grape and chilli jelly sounds really really good! I feel inspired to make some and give them as Christmas presents... which recipe would you recommend?

  2. hello hello. well i follow the WI preserves format. their book is great. it works out as for every pint of strained liquid, 450g sugar i think. though the last batch wasn't perfect... preserves are always a bit touch and go for me! good luck xxx