Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS and a harvest festival.

Today, we welcomed a new addition at Rosie's. A lovely church pew that my Dad introduced me to. It was kindly donated to us by a man called Julian (a friend of Daddy's), who arrived bright and early in a van, deposited the prayer bench, and swiftly departed. What a nice man! As the floor outside the shop is bumpy, to put it mildly, I had to call on my dear old friend Patrick to come and do some DIY. With the help of the lovely Neri, they sawed, glued and bolted the pew, so that not even a crack-head could run off with it. And then Stav generously came and sat on it! Aren't I lucky?

This generosity has put me in really good spirits. Which is good, because this weekend I'm venturing up to Ipswich to host the food stage at HARVEST AT JIMMY'S. If any of you are going, come and say hello, and moreover check out the incredible chefs that will be there. And when I'm not wittering on over there, you can find me watching Kitty, Daisy and Lewis over on the music stage. Toot toot. xx


  1. The church pew looks fabulous outside the cafe - wish I'd had a chance to see it 'in real life!' when I visited a couple of months back. Loved finally tasting some of your stuff (couldn't resist the cinnamon rolls) and can't wait to have lunch next time I'm down. x

  2. I was there (Harvest at Jimmy's) in the front row (and sometimes backstage) hanging on your every word! Still think you're a superstar! Love to Mom and hope you get to spread the word: "Landfill Stinks"

    Hope to visit Rosie's Deli Cafe one day and will keep my eyes peeled for Spooning!



  3. Harvest at Jimmy's sounded wicked - going to try and drag my family along next year.