Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I love eggs. They are magic fast food. But I do scramble a lot of them in the Deli and so sometimes when we are having a lazy breakfast, I want to do something a bit more with them. The other day I made an accompanying fry of onions and garden tomatoes, chunky and browned and very nice with some pure scramblers.

And today, I've done my usual. I work and work and then forget to eat. Suddenly my hands are shaking and I can't understand why nothing is making sense. Food! I need food! This usually combines with opening the fridge and seeing that there's not a bean in the house. But there is a garden.

So today I've fried up a few (ropey) courgettes, and an onion. I've found some ripe tomatoes in the garden, cracked 2 eggs over the top and chopped off a load of chervil (a very delicate aniseedy herb). It's delicious and now I can get back to the toil.

What ever you've got growning in the windowsil would be good here - a chilli plant? Some thyme or basil? The world is your oyster xxx

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