Friday, August 13, 2010


We've been eating corn all week. Lovely fresh ones off the market, still in their coats. And they are dead cheap, which is convenient. They've been proving very soothing to my intense cold. (Going to Standon Calling without a tent is a very bad idea.) Corn is delicious just as is it, boiled and golden with dripping pepper salt butter. But tonight calls for something different. I need chillies and ginger and a wet warm bowl. Chowder!

It's super simple. Dice 3 potatoes and slice a large onion. Fry in oil with some ground turmeric. Add some shredded ginger and 2 birds eye chillies. Make some stock and add, along with a can of coconut milk. Simmer for 20 minutes. Now add a handful of green beans, the corn off of one cob and a tin of crab meat. Give this just a moment to warm through and serve up with some coriander leaves and a little toasted sesame seed oil on top.

Now, if I don't feel better after this, I'll eat my foot.


  1. Thank you for the inspiration! Just finished eating a delicious bowlful of hot, warming, yummy fish chowder with added noodles ^_^

  2. Absolutely scrummy. I made it with noodles instead of potatoes and loads of lime juice... chowder meets laksa... rather cheesily I'm going to call it chillaksa... :o)

  3. try a sprinkle of black sesame seeds on top.. x