Friday, July 30, 2010


This week we did a late night opening with Salad Club. It was great fun, and we were washed up and packed up by 10pm which is very unusual, and makes me think we must be getting a little bit better at our evening suppers.

Salad Club is made up of Ellie Grace and Rosie French. Rosie is on maternity leave at the moment, but still managed to make it down with little Alfred (pictured below in all his glory, post nappy change, and much happier), which was a real treat. The evening was rounded off with the attentions of one of Coldharbour Lane's tramps, and it wouldn't have been Brixton if something like this hadn't happened!

Both Ellie and I loved the atmosphere, and it was great to have loads of tables laid up outside on a cool summer evening. Everyone chatted away and had a long dinner without the usual rushing of a restaurant booking. The joy of supper clubs is that your plot is all yours for the evening, not just your allocated slot. So it's more like being at home really, just without the washing up.

The Menu:

Chilled Cucumber and Dill Soup.

Chickpea, Chorizo, Mint, Feta and Roast Squash Salad.
Red Thai Rice with Coppa and Roasted Fennel.
Butter Bean, Courgette and Parsley Salad with lots of garlic.

Mango and Rose Water Ice with Stewed Berries and Lime, Cardomom & Almond Shortbread

Pots of Mint Tea to polish it off.

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  1. Such a lovely evening. Hope there will be many more to come xx

  2. Thank you for a great evening, everything was delicious, especially the shortbread and sorbet. Really enjoyed chatting to the people we shared the table with. Jess x

  3. phew! thanks for being such good sport jess. see you again soon. xx