Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HELLO SAILOR! it worked a treat

Horay, my ice cream worries are over. It's clearly all about the addition of alcohol. The Sailer Jerry's and Raisin ice cream was just perfect. Easy to scoop, eggy, speckled with vanilla and just plain good.


  1. This is just too gorgeous. I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to ice cream and rum and raisin is one of the greatest flavours of all time. Gorgeous bottle on that rum as well eh?

  2. This looks just delicious! I made a Guinness and honeycomb ice cream last week during my week in Donegal.


    You're so right - alcohol is a must in ice cream!
    Will definitely be trying your one out!

    Maybe Rum and Ginger would work too, for a Frozen Dark and Stormy?


  3. well rose/helen,
    tonight i'm doing cherry soaked in vanilla vodka. slightly worried it might be sloppy as we put a healthy glug in it! going to go check out the guiness and honeycomb now... xxx

  4. mmmm boozy ice cream... megalush!!!!!! Let me know how the cherry soaked vanilla vodka shapes up - that sounds ace. I can't begin to imagine how much fun an ice cream machine is...

  5. cherry was good. though i left them big and they were really frozen, even though they'd been soaked in vodka. next time i think they need a little stewing to remove the water, as that's the component that freezes the most.... fat, sugar and booze don't. i made a cherry and red wine coolis for the top too which was ace . but what i'm going to do next is Rose Cottage's guinness one. looks amazing