Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sitting in my office, looking out onto my garden in SE5, Tokyo seems like a million days away already. It's amazing how quickly time warps and memories fade. This is definitely one of the benefits of the blogging world, as it forces you to recount and recall and re-enjoy it all.

The last note on Tokyo is the party time we had. It couldn't have been more whirl wind. We arrived and immediately met Ricki and headed straight for Dommune where Matthew Herbert was interviewed and then played a set. Dommune is a tiny bar by a beautiful cafe that streams music related fun and it was certainly that. We squished into this little dive bar, drank Umeshu sodas and the whole things was aired as we did so. The dog was dressed to match the girl that ran the place and the enthusiasm was electric. They are doing a really cool thing and hopefully this sort of stuff is the future of media. And Matthew even played my favourite song at the end "The Audience".

Now, the whole reason we went to Japan was because Raf of The 2 Bears was booked to play a festival called The Big Beach. What a brilliant excuse for the odyssey. We arrived at the festival which was seriously sweltering, having driven all through Tokyo, across futuristic bridges and strange industrial landscapes. And it was mad. The back stage area was full of models, all the usual humourous Japanese mini food and Johnnie Depp lookalikes. We goofed around with Jaymo and Andy George, and Raf and Nathan played a wicked set to screaming girls. Then we were on to the after party with The Chemical Brothers. Pow! We got home at 9am, having watched the sun rise over the city, whilst listening to Luther Vandross 'Never Too Much'. We drew down our black out blinds and for just a moment, Tokyo had been ours.

Now all I have to do is pack for Glastonbury and pray for good weather...


  1. Wow what a great night that sounded! Have a great time at Glastonbury...

  2. lovely lovely especially the sunrise vandross

  3. ha! indeed dom. the pound shop has serviced my glastonbury desires - capri sun, hoola hoops, alkaseltzer and plasters should see me through the next 4 days! xxx