Monday, May 17, 2010


After a triumphant Saturday Curry session with all my mates (onion bhaji, dhal, chicken with black cardamom, lime rice, walnut mint chutney) we cleaned the house and headed off to Kent. I've been meaning to stop off at the Blackheath Tea Hut for yonks. And it didn't disappoint: we had bacon and egg butties and tea (out of polystyrene, which really improves the flavour). I recommend it. The service was perfect and the lady behind the counter was having a good old Sunday morning hum/dance to 'Do The Locomotion'. If you have to drive out of London, through Blackheath, make sure you stop here. They even have a rather too friendly finch that will stay and chat to you while you eat your bap. Back in the car, we turned up the Noonday Underground, and headed off. Pretty good stuff all in all.

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  1. Sounds divine. I want one. Right now. There's something about tea from a polystyrene cup that makes it taste incredible. And I love the way the beads of tea roll around.