Monday, May 24, 2010


Saturday night was a serious affair up in Dalston at Greco-Roman. It was at the Shacklewell Arms, which is a brilliant pub with a pumping back room, and a laid back front bar. We danced, ate jerk chicken and drank far too much. So Sunday was the perfect antidote: friends, sunshine, and a tip top picnic in the Horniman Gardens. This spot is one of my favourites in London. The garden is beautifully designed and dripping with flowers at the moment: unusual black cow parsely and perfect bleeding hearts. And the view of London from here is second to none.

I made a thai chicken salad which had loads of red onions, carrot, crushed peanuts, poached chicken, chilies, lime and thai basil. It's a really easy salad and something I always fall back on.

Sarah made the most delicious slaw with poppy seeds which I'm definitely going to steal! It looked beautiful, spotted with these dark seeds. We've done loads of cooking together, in France and England, and our teaming up always works a treat. Alice arrived with even more spoils, and gossip too (gossip and hangovers are the best).

These are the days that make me feel happiest. When I was little, I imagined my grown up life. I imagined being with friends, laughing loads, eating delicious food and watching the sun go down over London. And I've got it. Thank god. We even managed to play some music out of Raf's phone like offensive teenagers.

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