Sunday, May 30, 2010


This was so simple. I biked to the Peckham Farmers Market, got a cut price £5.00 Grey Mullet, and returned it home like an -albeit urban- hunter gatherer. Sandwiched between slices of lemon, stuffed with a bunch of dill, salted and oiled, it was wrapped in foil and placed on the bbq for about 20 minutes.

And the potato salad was made with a lot of garden spoils. I made a dressing by wizzing up mustard greens (peppery), basil, mizuna and garlic tops with lemon juice and olive oil. As we are off on holiday for 10 days, I harvested all the chive tops too and scattered them on top.

Now for the Eastenders Omnibus. xxx


  1. Lovely. Have a wonderful holiday - hope you get some sunshine wherever you're going.

  2. Delicious and too right on the simplicity! :) Summer food, gotta love it!

  3. Like the bright chive flowers in your potato salad - going to have to nick that little flourish!

  4. hey rosie,

    i'm a fellow peckhamite and i'm ashamed to say i don't know this farmer's market you mention - i saw a few stalls by the library once or twice but have never seen it since (though maybe i've just been shamefully late...). please let me know its whereabouts - i'd love to support it!