Monday, May 17, 2010


I've finally been able to thin some of my seeds. Progress is very exciting. And it's also a learning curve. I was recently chided for being a "half job jones" (what ever that means!) so I'm keen to show that things can reach completion in my hands. In honour of this self improvement we bought some roof drains over the weekend so that I could think the leaves that I planted a while back. And very exciting it has been too. The mustard leaves and spicey salad mix have grown the fastest so they have been awarded prime seats in the yard, in the new gutter. They are set to flourish, and if they don't I'll be having serious words.

And look! My dwarf yellow beans are beginning to show signs of obedience too. I love having them on the window sill of my office, so every day I closely watch their growth while I tap away. Sometimes I even think I can see them growing before my eyes. What japes.


  1. very impressive! It's wicked watching stuff grow. We've been on the waiting list for an allotment in our hood for three years and are hoping one will be free soon!

    Meanwhile I've got a couple of tomato plants on the go on our patio... i'm hoping the soaring temperatures and predicted sunshine's going to give them a boost this week!

  2. i've already killed half of the tomato plants-
    i think my fingers are half green, half acid yellow!
    good luck xxx