Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BAKING BREAD, in my new homestead

This whole moving house business is proving rather inspiring. I've got just a little obsessed with baking bread and so loaves, but also everything else seems to be coming out of my ears at the moment. Even an impromptu apple tart, because Jamie was round and I know how he loves all things sweet.

The bread baking has been a journey of trial and - sometimes - error. To start with I did a wholemeal and spelt bloomer, which was nutty and well risen and and malty sweet.

Then I did another which wasn't so great. It was full of walnuts which was delicious and slightly bitter, but I used some rye flour which made the breakfast chew rather hard work.

On Easter Sunday I made a flat bread with nigella seeds and crusty on the top with lots of sea salt.

And finally today I'm trying a more risen white loaf full of Fennel seeds. As I sit here, I'm waiting for it to rise. It really is the most exciting process.


  1. It's easier than you think! Just follow these simple instructions for a bread you can make with regular kitchen ingredients and you'll wonder why you didn't start baking your own breads ages ago.

  2. Sounds lovely cous! I love baking loaves of spelt bread which is surprisingly delicious despite it's cranky reputation.