Thursday, March 25, 2010

OUR FIRST MEAL IN SE5, we are going to thrive

The new flat is amazing. I find myself rushing home, as soon as I can, to bond with the new kitchen, rearrange glasses and bore Raf to death with countless options on kettles and speakers, placing of books and how thickly to bunch curtains.

After the first Peckham shopping trip (tinned tomatoes, every canned pulse on offer, and a fair amount of pound shop spring bulbs) we christened our new kitchen. Among our spoils we found brown chick peas, and so made a really nutty humous. I've never seen these peas anywhere else, and it was just a small indicator of the fun and food we are going to eat in this lovely flat. Chutney will reign, befriended by cheese and herbie salads. Cakes are going to bake, and garlic is definitely going to flourish. I can hardly wait.


  1. Welcome back to Peckham! I have also made hummus with those chickpeas! I have also bought spring bulbs from the pound shop. I do love Peckham. Khan's is my favourite shop though - what a place. I mean, that pulse selection!

  2. Looks good! How is the coconut prepped? Grated or chopped. I've never cooked with coconut before. I like curry but nobody else in the family does.