Saturday, March 13, 2010


These cakes are for my Mum. Sadly, she's not actually going to be able to eat them, as she's in Ely, and I'm in London (packing up my flat for the big move to Peckham). I should have sent her a card, and I should have sent her flowers, because she's a great Mum. But cards are a waste of money, and flowers are really expensive.

So these (stewed plum) cakes go out to her, and herald everything she has done for me: she taught me to cook, sew, laugh and occasionally clean; she's wiped up my tears from scratches and heart ache; she's even stepped in when we are short staffed at Rosie's. Thank god for a day, Mothering Sunday, where we get to reflect on how great our mums are.


  1. Darling, I am overwhelmed! I shall bake tomorrow and think of you, there should be an offspring day?

    big hugs X

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