Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You know those days when you have an odd collection of foods in your kitchen, and you don't quite know what to do? Seeing the wood from the trees can be hard. I had just this the other day, and my Dad was due for lunch within the hour. Leftover peas with chilli and cumin, and seemingly not a lot else. This is the time to start foraging in the back of the fridge. Luckily I found a big old jar of standard black olives. Within minutes the cogs were ticking and I'd found half a jar of oily anchovies. I whizzed these up with a cornichon to make a paste to smear on the remaining ciabatta. A bit like a tapenade.

With the left over peas, I tossed in some shredded round lettuce leaves that were also hiding in the fridge. Topped with some friendly boiled eggs to nestle on top (it's always good to have some eggs around for these times) it was a verdant treat.

And thanks to Charlotte P, we had a few delicious Victoria Passion fruit sponge slices. It was really rather good, all left overs considered, and proof you don't always need to drop another £20 in the shops to have a nice lunch. No wastage either. Hurrah.


  1. Looks like a rather delicious -healthy (sort of) - lunch! Good thinking! xxx

  2. no no! we ate all of it, and the cake, and then i made another date and cashew cake. let it never be said i was being too healthy!