Sunday, January 10, 2010


After a busy Friday night out and about around London town (a classy combo of Fabric followed by Tinseltown) , I wanted to make a wholesome meal for friends on Saturday night. Luckily I'd ordered a rack of Lamb. It took minutes to roast and was melt in the mouth buttery good. Although this cut of meat may seem a bit expensive, it's really worth the investment. And if you allow your guests to get hands on with it, everyone will be clutching bones by the end of the meal, with messy but happy faces. I would have taken some pictures of the finished product, but trying to hold everyone back for devouring the rack proved too hard. Added to this, our friend Rosie, a new candidate in the meat eating world after 15 years vegetarianism, took down 2 massive pieces, so it must have been alright!

After that we had a winter pudding of poached pears with a lid of almonds and a sweet brown flour. The edges crisped up real nice, slightly biscuity and full of crunch. But the middle of the pudding was sweet and wet and full of comfort, especially good, off set by the swanky Creme Fraiche that I bought from the wholefood shop in a daze. My heavy hungover bags proved to be a real treat.

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