Monday, January 4, 2010

SAKE NO HANA, Sunday supper like mana

After all this festivity and loads of work in the pre christmas run up, I found myself pretty exhausted and very much in need of some cleansing foods. Thank god for Alan, that's Alan Yau, the man behind Sake No Hana. This is exactly the sort of food I need after mince pies on the hour, every hour. Whilst the decor of the place does make one want to don a pin stripe suit a bit, the service was really lovely and in a good way, made me want to be more ladylike.

As the waitresses elegantly tip toed around us, we chose from a small but very appealing menu. The prices were varied, some things seeming very cheap (especially the yellow tail sashimi and a buttery aubergine dish with sesame paste) and others were deservedly pricey (a filling and sweet miso black cod with rice).

I don't go out to eat sushi in order to chat. Or to labour over it for hours with friends. I go for a shear indulgent hit. To spend a Sunday night treating ourselves with the guessing games of flavours (what is the green paste that accompanies the soft shell crab salad?) and the other world that makes for the art of Sushi was an absolute pleasure.

Each dish brought a new surprise of the unknown in texture, scent and savour, so much so that it made me high on my own senses. There were amazing leaves surrounding the sashimi that tasted hot, felt prickly and left a tingle. And the sashimi did exactly what I wanted it to do: melted down my throat and made my head wobble with delight. But the best part of all, is that our bill was reduced by 40%, thanks to toptable so even the finale was pleasure. Polished off with a coffee at Bar Italia, the first Sunday of the year couldn't have got much better.


  1. I went with my mum and that top table deal before I got bloody pregnant thus becoming banned from eating all raw fish : (
    Loved the sunken tables, dainty bare footed ladies and AMAZING soft shell crab.
    Ro xxx

  2. That's too good to miss. 40% off here we come.