Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MEDICINE CAKES. for when everything else aches

January frankly, has been hard work. No holiday. No warmth. No joy to be honest. The culmination came today. I didn't get out of bed til midday. To remedy my morose state I decided that there was only one thing to do: turn up my favourite new record (Fionn Regan The Shadow of an Empire) and make some cakes. These aren't just any cakes. They are seriously medicinal cakes packed with sweetness and lidded with unctuous gloopy winter toppings. I'm keeping the recipes for my next book, so this is just to whet your appetite!

First up was a new super chocolatey cupcake. The cake is made with callets and cocoa, the topping a dark chocolate ganache, and finally pipped with a pound shop bon bon.

The next cakes were a date recipe I've been hoarding for ages topped with sticky toffee.

Now I'm going to put on The 2 Bears Ministry of Sound Radio show and make some curry. Things are getting better.


  1. These cakes look DEEElicious. I'm going to haul myself out of bed and make some too!

  2. It's look like very tasty and beautiful. Nice sharing with us!

  3. Sounds very very healthy and medicinal - yum! xxx