Saturday, January 23, 2010


First stop was The Ginger Pig to see Charlie. He sliced us off a dark and well hung beef fillet tail for our thai salad, wrapped a lovely french rack of lamb (that I'll be roasting on Tuesday for Grazia) and we chatted about the woes of a blunt knife in the kitchen. Check out Charlie's Blog for insider butchery knowledge here.

Next was the oyster search. We are making Friday nights in, with these slippy friends, an institution. We tried the more formal stops like Applebees. Generally the going rate for oysters here is £1. Then, harking back to a skiving Friday about 4 years ago, we retraced our old steps to Richard Haward's Oyster table. Back then we held hands nervously and gorged on shots of shell fish. Yesterday we confidently ordered our spoils, and for 80p a pop. Not bad, so long as you own a good shucking knife.

By this point feeling a bit faint, we ordered some lovely fruity drinks from The Organic Juice bar, and had a really nice chat with the owner. He told us the history of his back bar, and we got more Borough top tips from a veteran.

Pretty good for a Friday. Dinner was delicious and a stuffing three courses. A market trip, a good dinner and an early night makes January more bearable - and comes highly recommened!


  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I just got your cookbook with the mail today and I need to tell you how much I like it! I feel inspired!


  2. I'm all for the oyster institution but be care - I always seem to get food poisoning with those babies...but maybe I'm allergic?! xxx