Sunday, December 27, 2009


I got a cast iron AGA griddle pan for Christmas from my Mum. It's exactly right: takes a while to heat up and then is very very hot. And with all the Bakeries mayhem over, I've finally had a chance to made exactly what she always makes on her's, drop scones. These are usually a tea time treat but there was no pudding tonight so I made them for pudding, and they were just delicious. Especially with Mum's damson jam.

This time of year is brill because you get loads of time to potter and make the things that there isn't always the time to make during the busy year. Tomorrow I'm going to try and make some blinis with rye and buckwheat and dill seeds. Horay. And if anyone has an idea of where to get smoked eel let me know, because that's what's going on top.


  1. In London, don't know.. but we had some Summer Isle smoked eel at Christmas and it was delicious!

  2. I think you can get smoked eel at Waitrose, they have a recipe on their website that calls for it so I'm assuming they must sell it? I'm guessing the food hall one in the basement of John Lewis in Oxford Street (if you're feeling brave enough to face Oxford St!) may have some or the branch in Marylebone High St perhaps?

    Also wanted to say I got your cookery book for Christmas, what a lovely gift. Made the flapjacks for a post christmas tea party at work yesterday and they went down a storm! Can't wait to try out some more of the recipes.

    Keep doing what you're doing, it's great.

  3. Speaking of trying new things-
    Me too tomorrow I am going to try the salt fish and akees from your book.
    I have never had salt fish or Akees before

  4. You can get smoked eel (my absolute fave) at Waitrose (e.g. Oxford St, Clapham Junction or Brunswick Centre), Selfridges Food Hall, Harrods Food Hall or Borough Market.

  5. Re- salt fish and akkees Just to let you know it tasted great and loved the coleslaw and plaintains as well.
    I am curious about how you found the pop up restaurant- Did you enjoy it or do you like the deli more.
    Is it not loads of money to spend for a short time - i mean rent rates preparing the space ect. Did you have fun or was it just hectic

  6. Hi Rosie - do you find you use your aga griddle much and if so, what do you cook on it? I'm thinking of buying one. I love your blog and have ordered your book from Amazon - can't wait for it to arrive and start cooking! x