Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NEW DISCOVERIES. i thought i'd seen it all in Brixton Market

I love new discoveries. they give me a massive adrenaline rush and make me feel truly alive. The best discoveries involve human contact. Today, I was lucky enough to meet Margarite, who runs The Islanders Kitchen. It's right in the caverns of Brixton Village which feels really exciting at the moment. Stuff is going on. I can't put my finger on it, but it feels good.

Margarite is Phillipino and cooks beautiful home made food from her country of origin, which is a combination of Malay and Spanish. Palms fall out from the shop front, and food is on show in the hot counter. There are trinkets everywhere and the kitchen looks busy and full of pots and bottles. We sat down together over coffee, with her neighbour Pam, and had a good old gas about trading, cooking, and the nature of running a shop. It could have been any year in any country all over the world. The sitting down, particularly as women, and sharing life, is timeless and warming. I loved every moment.

This is the Sea Bass she is marinading today. Underneath are those lovely little aubergines.

I'm definitely going back on satuday. Margarite talked of steaming lemon grass and has promised her special muscles, which sound delicious. All hail exciting discoveries, lovely ladies and fine food.


  1. I too had thought I'd seen it all in Brixton markets, but this looks amazing, I'm going to take my son for lunch tomorrow.

    Really looking forward to your pop up shop opening too! What huge fun, wishing you lots of success.

  2. Brixton is famous for its colourful, bustling markets, which sell all kinds of fruit and veg, second hand clothes, and African food.

  3. Thanks for popping by, Rosie. You've got us up and blogging now and we've returned the compliment.

    See you in the market! xx

  4. I just love this blog and I will definitely check this place out! I agree that Brixton market has an amazing vibe nowadays, so fun just to wander round.

    I've done a bit of discussion on this on my blog if you have a moment feel free to read!

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