Sunday, November 15, 2009

FOOD MARATHON DAYS and i'm feeling my ways

it's been crazy recently. i've hardly stopped eating and will soon be the size of a truck. but it's been truly worth it. thursday saw us at Mirch Masala gorging on so much onion, oil and spice that we actually, on return, had to walk around the block to get our stomachs digesting. it was really delicious (i went crazy and couldn't stop eating the ochra and aubergines) and cheap to boot, plus you can bring your own wine. so that was the first leg of my marathon. next up was friday night, and jerk chicken fresh from the pan of taketwo. we ate this will a yum hard salad that i'm working on for The No.1 Village Bakeries menu. the dark wet chicken meat went perfectly with the hard crunchy herbie salad. and once again i had to retire straight after eating to the comfort of the sofa and the remote controls. and then we pushed things to a whole new level: saturdays are my busy day and i hardly get to eat. come 4pm, on the train to canterbury, i was ravenous. luckily the train stops at Bromley South. we got out and rushed over the road to the best chips in town. these are really crisp, like they've been fried 3 times, and respond incredibly well to malt vinegar. they were absolutely delicious, and i haven't looked back. today however, i am definitely approaching the size of that truck. if i turn into a heffer, i only have myself and my love of superior fast food, to blame.


  1. the foodie's sad dilemma! You love food but you also enjoy being is getting the balance...and the more you eat and love your food, the harder it becomes! All these meals sound lush...particularly the aubergine and okra and the chips!!! xxx

  2. What times will your pop up restaurant be open?

  3. 10th december - 24th december. taking bookings now!!!