Monday, November 23, 2009

APPLE MINCE PIE super light and fruity

My mum sent me her mince meat recipe last night, and I've been a bubbling with ideas on how to make a mince pie that's lighter than the usual one, and full of kentish apples (par cooked autumnal ones, picked up a car boot sale and waiting in my freezer). This pudding is also a bit inspired by the wonderful german strudel which we ate yesterday at the Manchester Christmas Market - an anglo-german marriage of sorts.

I can't help but fiddle with things, so have adapted Mum's recipe, using light dried fruits - those almost green currants, and turkish raisins, and in keeping with my Brixton surrounds, Captain Morgan rum rather than brandy. Her's is a great model because it's vegetarian, using butter instead of suet, which is ideal if you don't yet know how's coming round for Christmas dinner.

For the tart, i made a sugar pastry with some ground almonds, which has made a brittle and lovely moist case. Then a layer of the mince meat, then a scattering of cooked apples, and then a really light custard made with eggs, sugar and milk, rather than the usual double cream. Latticed and baked, this is a delicious, light, and yet unrelentingly Christmassy pudding. I'm going to serve it at The No.1 Village Bakeries with a natural yoghurt. If you were quick in your booking, chances are you may well get this treat then. If not, now is the time to make your mince meat. Follow Mum's recipe, and jar if for the more traditional little mince pies.


  1. repare pie shell. Heat oven to 425 F. Sprinkle 2 Tbs of the flour in pastry-lined pie plate. Mix remaining flour, the sugar, salt and margarine until crumbly. Heat water and cinnamon candies, stirring until candies are dissolved. Spread mincemeat on pastry.

  2. Amazing as always