Friday, October 9, 2009

HOPE AND ANCHOR. f**k the rain away

i couldn't work on wednesday as there was a massive fire in a wig shop in Brixton. poor me. after putting on countless washing loads of aprons and scouring gumtree for furniture, a suggestion was thrown out there... Lunch?

so off we went on our bikes, to the much chatted over Hope and Anchor. however by the time we actually got to The Cut, we had been soaked by the dreadful rain this week. rather werrily, we sat down, and i ordered a pot of tea straight away (to ward off any autumnal chill).

this was a real treat. we had crab with garlic mayonnaise, greens (savoy cabbage that day. it was cooked perfectly so it was still alive with bright greens, unlike the more schooly grey mops i remember from my childhood) and a fennel gratin with a dead tasty cheese that i can't now remember the name of. all this was served with a big basket of chewy and very sour in-a-good-way sourdough.

fed and watered, and presented with a perfectly reasonable bill, we got back on the bikes, into the eye of the storm, to go and see The Spivs at the 12 bar. not a perfect day, but definitely one that was improved by this meal and went on into a fun old soho knees up.

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