Monday, September 28, 2009

BRIXTON FARMERS MARKET. you snooze you loose.

i finally made it to the Brixton farmer's market this sunday (the first time in ages i haven't been at a wedding or under my covers all day, dying). and what a lovely market it is too. it really does add to what brixton already offers. we have markets 6 days of the week, both covered and on electric avenue, and now it's 7. so me and my granny shopping trolley can now be occupied every single day of the week.

i've always in the past made my way over to the peckham farmers market, but now i clearly don't have to. the farmers market was rammed with nobbly vegetable stalls and cheese, Luca's bread (now also on sale at Rosie's), fish and even a lovely looking plant stall where my friend Louise bought a little fig tree. and it's on one of my favourite streets in brixton, Brixton Station Road. there's a great portuguese cafe here where you can get a custard tart and smooth cafe con leche after you've done your shopping too.

with my spoils i made my dad a roasted pumpkin and wild garlic salad on water cress, with J.Gold cheddar shaved over the top, mopped up with Luca's Rustic wholemeal and sourdough loaf. we sat in the garden and chatted the sunny day away before heading over to Brockwell Park to meet the salad club girls. and later that evening i roasted the dirty and rather large parsnips that i'd bought, and served them up with a sausage, cider and borlotti bean casserole.

all in all it couldn't have been a better way to spend a sunday. get yourself down next sunday. as i said, you snooze, you loose!


  1. Hmmmm I am salivating!!! I used to live down that way - should have made better use of Brixton! Woes me! xxx

  2. London Farmers’ Markets is a small company that exists to provide Londoners with fresh local food, and to provide farmers with a good return for their work. They manage every aspect of the markets from their conception to the daily running. They are very hands on, often at markets helping out.

  3. Pretentious untalented, typical greasy spoon...
    Same old.. Same old...You have no talent Rosie...Dont believe your Hype...