Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BREAD GLORIOUS BREAD. right in my head

A big thanks to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his brill article in the G2 today. the recipe that really grabbed me was for a thing called 'Dukka' that i've never heard of before, an Egyptian spice mix, full of nuts and seeds too. as i've been baking a loaf of bread a day in the last few, it struck me that this little mix would lend it's self rather well to bread. typically i didn't quite have the right ingredients at hand.

so, to make the dukka, i used some ground coriander instead of his seeds, and didn't peel the hazelnuts, because i'm lazy! and on top of all the other toasted aromatics, i toasted a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds too (because they remind me of my mum's steaming loaves). i then added the dukka to a bread that i've become rather fond of: a flat sort of thing that you bake on a tray like a foccacia and kneaded away. and instead of adding mint directly to the dukka, i bruised some fresh mint sprigs with olive oil in a pestle and mortar, and rubbed this on top of the dough, with lots of salt. i've already started pulling off hunks, and it is really rather good. i must save some for alice's dinner or i'll be in trouble.

if this unusual and inspiring dukka recipe is anything to go by, then "Taken from River Cottage Every Day" by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is bound to be an absolute delight and an inspiration to cooks all over.


  1. Love the idea of sticking dukkah into dough mix, will try asap. Otherwise it's a really great thing to serve with chunks of sour dough and olive oil. Dunk bread in oil, then dukkah, then gobble.

    Definitely balls to peeling hazelnuts. Life's too short.

  2. Heavenly! I just acquired a new Magimix. Might get it to mix me up a batch of this.

  3. ooh I absolutely love dukkah! I can't believe this never occurred to me. I usually do the normal thing of dipping bread in oil then into the dukkah - why not put it into the bread? You little genius. I also say balls to peeling hazelnuts like The Larder Lout.

    I popped in to see you today by the way but you weren't there. Silly me thinking you are chained to the place or something! Your colleague was very charming though and told me you are around on Friday so will pop back in then.

  4. When I bought my packet of dukkah at the market the stall holder recommended mixing it with yoghurt/creme fraiche and stirring it in to a bowl of freshly boiled potatoes. Strangely enough I have never tried this out but will maybe do so this weekend.

  5. You have to make the bread from scratch? Will your family even touch them? Don’t panic. Just start learning the lost art of bread making now. I can tell you from experience that it’s a heck of a lot more rewarding than besting someone at

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