Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A SURPRISE DINNER, full of glimmer


Horah for impromptu lovers meetings. I met him at Rake’s behind Borough Market, quite unexpectedly, because he had my house keys. We did the daily debrief, which I love. All the ins and outs of daily monotony makes me feel good. And then we got onto what we always get onto, “what’s for dinner?”.

The options round borough, much to my surprise, were a bit thin: Brindisa? The wait was going to be 45 minutes, and we are just a bit too greedy for that, even though the Monte Enebro with honey is immense; Fish!? Looks grim and was pretty much empty, plus it looked expensive; Feng Sushi? He was game, but I felt a bit uninspired by it. Then we saw Wright Brothers. My suggestion was that we have a dozen oysters for a treat and then head on elsewhere. But as we walked in, his olfactory got going and I was reliably informed it had good smells for a fish joint. Hey presto, we splashed out and had the most perfect dinner.

I cannot hail the experience enough. The service was great. That lovely and very un British combination of efficient and yet not annoying. They made it look easy. And the oysters were banging. We had 2 kinds, as I fancied a geeky compare and contrast of Wild Colchester (impressively arge and metallic and saline) and Carlingford Lough (medium, subtle and delicate. Just what you want from an oyster).

The details were the delicious devil here at Wright Brothers. The sides particularly, as the tomatoes in the salad were skinned, making them really pert and slippery, and the sprouting broccoli was served with really tasty melting butter. And then, then there was the dressed crab. So simple, and no doubt skilfully produced. My favourite I think though was the squid, dipped in a crispy hot batter not unlike a KFC. And that’s a big compliment.

Then we were straight home for another dose of Rick Stein’s latest odyssey plus Levi Roots first episode in his Jamaican series (both very good in their different ways). What better and more spendthrift way to spend a Monday night? If you are lost on where to take a lover, this is the one, and all the more amazing when it’s not even planned.


  1. Beautiful looking crab. I'm a big fan of Wright Brothers too. Glad the date went well.

  2. Yeah it is surprising just how bad the dinner options are around Borough. Wright Bros. is great though, I agree. The Rake is also one of my favourite pubs in the whole of London. Sometimes when I'm around here of an evening I end up walking to Bermondsey street for some grub! Love the description of the daily run down by the way. I enjoy that too. It follows with exactly the same question, 'what to do for dinner?'