Thursday, July 2, 2009


after a big old weekend at Glastonbury following raf and his records around, i've been in desperate need of cleansing-of-the-soul stuff. added to which this heat wave is really hitting me hard (try making a coffee and a toasted ciabbatta in these degrees). so, i can highly recommend skiving off work and heading for an exhibition. we scurried down to the south bank to the Walking in My Mind exhibition which is fully air conditioned, and also a real pleasure to meander around the creative thoughts of artists.

the other thing that's truly necessary is salty water after a long festival slog. try buying a ready prepared tom yum soup pack of spices and sauce, and then add in a load of floaters to the pot: noodles, enoki mushrooms, snake beans, loads of mustard leaves and extra chilli. that way you'll be half way to feeling fed and watered again with added green goodness. for the best tom yum packs try china town or the wing thai supermarket. enjoy the juice xxx

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