Sunday, June 7, 2009 YUP THAT'S RIGHT

i'm now officially twittering me up. i keep singing to my phone and look pretty odd in the process.

Friday, June 5, 2009

THE BOOK LAUNCHED. whoop whoop

the book has indeed been launched, and is flying off the shelves at Rosie's. i've also had word it's been spotted in richmond in borders. we'll be having a signing at Joy on coldharbour lane on the 11th, which will include our new and exciting and wondrously perfected cupcakes. fun fun fun.

so tonight, after last nights many free drinks at the FrostFrench party (hot and loud and buzzing with excitement) and a hotchip gig (for wrigley's compared by Raf Daddy at The Arches), i'm making some super salad - with chunky french beans, pancetta, provencal olives, spring onions and ruby tomatoes. we've got a few friends coming over, and will hopefully crack open the remaining post launch moet.