Saturday, January 17, 2009

MY! FAST FOOD from the Wing Tai

i'm a sucker for fast food.
isn't everyone really?
if you've been working like a beast and suddenly realise it's 9pm then something pretty quick is required.
and because of this, i made garlic soy green beans (fry the beans with finely diced garlic in vegetable oil and then add some dark soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds), and steamed some frozen vegetable gyoza.
these are crunchy with chestnut and their skin wilts wonderfully. buy a bag and keep them in the freezer for these many rainy days.
washed down with some beautifully packaged jasmine tea, and a bbc four documentary,
i feel again happy and restored after a mamoth day of toil.

get yourself down to the wing tai supermarket. there's one in brixton (13 electric avenue), camberwell (52-54 denmark hill), and peckham (just behind morrison's). thai basil? lemon grass? prawns? razor clams? morning glory? crispy duck? all this can be yours, and a fast food dinner too xxx

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