Thursday, December 18, 2008

CHRISTMAS DRINKING will make you eat kebabs

as the spirit of the season usually revovles drinking, you may find yourself hunting down a kebab at midnight, once kicked out of the pub. last night this is just what happened to us. so raf, becky and i headed across soho down a few dark alleys to the OPUZ KITCHEN, 27 old compton street, and had ourselves ace kebabs. their halloumi is chunky and firm and deliciously salty, which is just what you need after a few rum and cokes followed by a culminating couple of tequila shots. if you are going to have to devour urban drunk food, it mightest well be really good. go check them out, and make sure you have all the accompanying bits: ketchup, mayonnaise, watery malt vinegar and garlic sauce. enjoy the rotten gluttony!

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