Monday, November 24, 2008


i often wake up on a sunday morning with an itch that needs scratching. that itch is a sunday morning jaunt down to the farmers market and a quick peruse around primark (my favourite place for frilly knickers and cheap socks). so off i went in my rubbish hickupy car, the crowbar. and it just so happened that my dad was visiting the whitten timber yard so we met up for a strongly brewed tea at the Criterion Cafe too. this establishment has some of the finest signage around. we spent half an hour putting the world to rights while the glass in the windows gradually steamed up before us, and all around us the customers feasted on stewed sunday roasts swimming in gravy, and bacon and toast and eggs and beans.

and down the market i bought some ace and wonderfully plain pork sausages from the game and pork stall and also some delicious eggs. we made a perfect sunday breka to go with the papers. it couldn't really be a better way to start the day, along with some of my tomato chutney.

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  1. Oooh, I remember that tomato chutney. sadly, I woke up in time for tea on Sunday afternoon. A real missed opportunity!