Friday, November 14, 2008

ROSA'S CAFE. Hanbury Street, near Spitalfields.

Zahra and i went to Rosa's on Hanbury street (right near Spitalfields market). it was great and really reminded me of new york, where all the meals i ate where honest and true in their ethnicity, but in a stylish surrounding (rather than the harshly light canteen vibes of so many good eateries in London). And the staff are lovely and there's actually a proper drinks menu, and the food was hot and crisp and swift and tasty and punchy and fresh. mint, coriander, dried chillies and peanuts making various dipping sauces with excellent ingredients.

so, we ate.... cod satay with a peanut sauce (the coating on the cod was more like a tempura it was so fine); battered squid salad with a sweet dipping sauce (really fiery); pumpkin and venison curry (which was, i think, full of tamarind, giving a wonderful sweet sour aftertaste); lamb, redcabbage and chilli salad (which was so crunchy i think they must have made it on the way to the table) and jasmine rice.

go and check out rosa's. really do. and you can find more at

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  1. Thank you so much for saying nice things about us. We're glad you enjoyed your visit.


    Alex Moore