Thursday, November 27, 2008

CHEATING TARTAR SAUCE. for a little hangover

after going out to the royal court to see 'wig out' with alice and her family (a really funny song/dance/tight pants packed play about New York transvestites) i ended up back at the 1965 office with some reprobates drinking cheap red wine til the early hours. i've been pretty hungover all day. so fish has been on my mind. fish with tartar sauce, because i love vinegary foods when i feel like this. so on the way home i picked up some red snapper and made a cheats sauce to go with it. this fish is meaty, and yet flaky and also has a slight smoky scent. it's perfect in fact.

to make a cheating tartar sauce....
finely chop 4 cornichons
and 1 pickled baby onion
and mix with 2 desert spoons of mayonnaise.
grind in lots of black pepper
serve with the fish fried, and the green beans blanched.
yum. i feel better now.

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