Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CELERIAC GRATIN. thanks to Lidl

i was passing lidl yesterday so popped in and bought some british celeriac (an old family favourite, which cost 38p this time), creme fraiche (i don't know why but i always pick some up when i see it) and a round of perail cheese (made with ewe's milk in the Aveyron, France). it was a bit of a ready steady cook moment, and gratin sprang to mind though rather more like a remoulade in flavour. (a cold french salad with mustard, mayonnaise and blanched celeriac.) so here it is, a hot crusted remoulade. salty, crisp, tender and creamy:

a small celeriac
200g creme fraiche
100ml milk
1 desert spoon grainy dijon mustard
a pinch of maldon sea salt
freshly ground pepper
90g perail cheese

set the oven to 180C. peel the outer gnarly bits off the celeriac bulb. make sure you do this fastidiously so that there is no mud in the creases. now, using a mandolin slicer, whip it into fine sheets. layer these into a baking dish. in a measuring jug mix the creme fraiche and milk. then season with mustard and salt and pepper. taste. pour this over the celeriac and then lay slithers of the cheese on top. place in the oven for 40 minutes so that it is crisp and brown on top and sizzling at the sides.

i ate this with some blanched green beans but i think it would be delicious with some poached fish if you fancy that too.


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