Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ANOTHER NIGHT ON THE TOWN. the cha cha moon and the rest

after pitching up to the social on little portland street for james' far out jazz session, we were hungry for small amounts of tastiness, which is so often the case at 10.30pm in the centre of london. and then there was a whisper in my ear... "meet me at the cha cha moon". so off we went into the drizzly streets with improvisation in our ears. the cha cha moon delivered exactly what was needed. it's almost like tapas. their small but mounded plates are £3.50 and worth every bit: greens with a fermented bean curd sauce (chilli hot); cucumber and noodles; a wonderful mooli salad with bean sprouts (which has converted me to the latter). it was all great and hit the spot. the bill was £21 pounds for two piglets so it's a credit crunching dinner too.
then on to bar rumba for yo majesty who made me want to become a lesbian, rock a boiler suit and generally shake it down. all in all an excellent night out in london town.

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