Thursday, October 16, 2008


these are a real must. when i was in france a few weeks ago, we went mushroom picking. the sheltered wood was wet and warm, just as the mushroom loves, and it made for a jolly afternoon. we could practically see these little stained, yellow, pink and brown friends growing before our eyes.
so in honour of this dreamy afternoon, i made a fresh chanterelle risotto (and cunningly had some proper chicken stock at the ready, complete with fine strands of delicious dripping french chicken meat)

i highly recommend finding wild mushrooms (i sell these dry though, as do many good delis). you can find really nice wild mushrooms in WILD CAPER (brixton market) and also CRUSON (camberwell church street) and if you can bring yourself, i'm sure WHOLEFOODS (kensington high street) would do a fine selection. the flavour is much more various and woody (naturally). and there is something pretty reassuring about having to remove mossy strands from their little delicate stems.

(incase you don't know... fry up a shallot in lots of butter and extra virgin olive oil. then add the wonderful wild mushrooms, and coat. now add the risotto rice, and seal. bit by bit add fresh proper chicken stock. and a wine glass of dry vermouth. when nutty turn the heat off, add another nob of butter, and a few handfuls of peppery rocket. place a lid on the pan for 10 minutes, then heap of loads of parmesan (the good stuff), give it a good whip up with a wooden spoon, and serve with coarsely ground pepper. done)

i'm off to edinburgh on the weekend, and plan to eat the best fried breakfast.... i can't wait.

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