Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh. It’s an amazing soaring city, and I’d forgotten just how beautiful and stylish and humorously gentile it is. Each meal we ate was impeccable. The first was a delicious thai on hanover street, Muang Thai, ( where we ate a Scottish beef salad (you could tell the raw ingredients were top notch), chilli scallops (they were so hot that my mouth started talking jibberish), perfect pad thai and a duck curry. It was just what I want from ethnic food. That is, really sophisticated and packed with sour, hot, sweet, and tender sensations. This meal was followed by a Michael Smiley stand up show ( and lots of weather fighting beer around New Town.

My hangover was so intense the next day that we just managed to stumble to my old haunt valvona & crolla (, where I nursed myself on a full Italian fry up including a slice of polenta. They even do coke floats here.

The finale of our Edinburgh escapade was a damn good fish and chips that we spied en route back from the Tracey Emin retrospective (wonderful). D'Alba D'Oro is run by an Italian couple and they sell, on top of the wicked haddock and chips that we merked, many champagnes and cognacs. It’s got a lovely friendly atmosphere and the walls are lathered with booming local reviews. This was the perfect preamble for a live set from The View at Caberet Voltaire (another old haunt from my university jollies) where they larked their way through old and new numbers to a frenzied, fantastically dressed crowd of super-fans.

Go to Edinburgh for 36 hours, and eat brilliant cheap and fun food. I woke up on Monday aged 28, and it couldn’t have been a better place to start the next year of my life.

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  1. aww..muang thai, valvona & crolla and cab vol in the same sentence...i want to go back to the burgh!

    great blog mouth is watering and i only just had lunch.. xx