Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i had such a lovely time along the green lanes recently that i thought i'd make a turkish delight cake. as you can see, it's pretty psychedelic, but has a wonderful wet texture and a scented icing that really is the icing on the cake.


75g 70% chocolate (Aldi do some good ones, that are dead cheap)
110g softened butter
110g golden caster sugar
2 medium free range eggs
110g ground almonds
1/2 tsp baking powder

105g icing sugar
2 tsp rose water
a dash of pink colouring
chocolate hundreds and thousands

break the chocolate up into a heat proof bowl and place in a warming oven to slowly melt and butter a small loose bottomed cake tin. meanwhile beat the butter and sugar so that it becomes light. beat in the eggs and then add the chocolate when it is liquid, beating immediately so that it doesn't melt the cake mix. turn the oven up to 200C. now fold in the ground almonds and baking powder. spatula this out into the buttered cake tin and place in the hot oven for half an hour or until firm to the touch. remove and let it stand in the tin to cool.

to make the icing, sift the icing sugar into a bowl, and then gradually add the rose water, and finally the turbo colouring. when the cake is TOTALLY cool, spoon this over the cake and decorate with hundreds and thousands.

i also made wicked little cheese pastries that you'll be able to see on www.urbanjunkies.com
i'm off to France on thursday so will have tales of pate and wickedness on my return. x x x


  1. Looks lovely my dear. Great news re: urban junkies. Enjoy France!