Sunday, August 24, 2008


after an inspirational dinner cooked by my friend Zahra (an awesome array of Moro-esque dishes including a monk fish tagine, perfect spiced rice, crunchy salad, homemade rose water brioche and the best trifle i ever ate) for once in my life, i decided to actually follow a recipe. the brief was spare ribs for Toddla T and Toby. i found a recipe in my favourite of manuals, the australian woman's weekly, and set to it. typically, on arrival i realised i'd forgotten the recipe, so had to ad lib as usual. here's the creation: star anise ribs, pear and chilli salad, and egg fried rice. toddla needs to keep his energy up for his busy DJ merking schedule. this went down a treat, and the noises that came from toby were x rated, which is surely a recommendation.

1 jar of plum sauce
4 tbsp oyster sauce
1 chili
3 whole star anise
1 square inch of grated ginger
1/2 lime
1 tbsp groundnut oil
2 kilos of pork ribs

in a medium saucepan on a low flame, warm together the plum sauce and oyster sauce. finely chop and add the chilli, complete with seeds, peel the ginger and grate. now add these , and the star anise, to the saucepan. when it is hot and fully amalgamated, whisk in the lime juice and groundnut oil. leave the marinade to cool. meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180C. pour the cooled marinade over the ribs, and place in the oven for 20 minutes to half an hour. you may need to remove them a few times to baste and get excited. when they are cooked through, place under a hot grill for a few minutes so that they become dark and caramelized and really sweet.

for the PEAR SALAD, you need....
2 chinese pears
1 chilli
1 or 2 spring onions
a handful of fresh mint
1/2 lime

slice the pears (which smell wonderful) into very fine segments. finely chop the chillis so that they are diced within an inch of their life. slice the spring onions into roundels. shred a handful of mint. combine these four ingredients into a good sized salad bowl and then squeeze over the lime juice.


with this meal under his belt, toddla was ready for 'get loaded on the common', where he dj'd on the main, with serocee. so, everyone was happy.

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