Monday, November 5, 2007

THE ISLE OF WIGHT. Full of delight.

this weekend i really sampled the delights of British food, whilst on a jolly to see The Draytones and Motion Pictures play a fantastically retro gig. it was in an old football club, blustering and cold, and reminiscent of an old school disco. the isle of wight though, is a fine advertisement for british fayre: we had fish and chips (before the gig, in a freezing changing room) that were seriously crisp, and the haddock really tasty. and the next day, on the sunny sea front, light crab sandwiches and a sweet herring ploughmans. food inevitably tastes better by the sea but this really was super food. i even delved into the realms of chunky pickled onions and gloopy coleslaw. it was all an absolute delight. lets eat it more. however on my return to the metropolis, i've made a lemon and polenta cake. a classic italianate thing full of polenta crunch and sweet lemon love. but back to england... seriously. we should all eat more tartar sauce and crispy fish, and embrace all these good delights. in fact, in honour of this i've recently been making chutney. it's such a deliciously old fashioned thing to do. i've started with apple, and also plum (with chilli) and will be shortly making chunky sandwiches with these sweet vinegary things, and free range sussex ham, and mild cheddar... i can't wait.

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