Monday, November 19, 2007

SUNDAY LUNCH FEST. belly of pork, gratin, and Nigella's amazing Syllabub.

it's cheeky to say.. but i seriously surpassed myself yesterday. it was so cold and grizzly but i made a late lunch to conquer the elements, along with some pale sherry and red wine aplenty, for popey, don livione, tom savage, das klo, em and raf. we had a really cosy afternoon literally chewing the fat. it's one of my favourite ways to spend a sunday.

BELLY OF PORK, stuffed with........
50g flaked almonds,
150g sausage meat,
3 cloves of garlic
100g apricots
a bunch of spring onions.
i rubbed all of these together with my hands to make a chunky colourful mix.
the crackling was ace (because i put this mega sausage in the very hot oven for the initial half hour of roasting), and the meat really tender and wet, from the delicious fat surrounding it. with this we had potato gratin and red cabbage stewed with red wine vinegar and cloves. this seems really appropriate at the moment. maybe it's the rain, and that christmas is coming, but cloves conjur a little good will in my mind, and make for a warmer body.

but pudding... seriously. SERIOUSLY SYLLABUB. it's my new favourite thing. and is apparently as old as medieval. i'd already stewed apples with cloves and cinnamon, as that's a sympathetically fitting pudding for roast pork. but i topped this with a nigella syllabub made with sherry. i've adapted it for what was in my larder. all you need to do is put all the ingredients into a bowl, EXCEPT the cream. let it sit for an hour or so to meldge. add this to the cream and whisk. however, make sure you use a hand whisk, not a machine. you are not looking for really tight and firm whipped cream, but rather, a soft feminine sort of peak. when the cream has reached this soft light summit, spoon it over the fruit puree, either in one shallow pudding bowl or in individual coffee cups. refridgerate for an hour or so.

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  1. you did alright my little sugar plum... it was tastier than Kate Moss in the 90s. Can I come for every weekend for the rest of the year x