Thursday, November 1, 2007

MERINGUES. i've conquered the art.

so, with the left over egg whites from yesterday's tart, i've made lovely meringues. FIRM. PURE. SWEET THINGS. since buying a new metal bowl they are proving a lot more successful than my previous rather flimsy attempts. and, of course advice from mum... that meringues go in a very low oven, so as not to brown them.
1 egg white to 60g of sugar, beit icing or caster sugar.
you need to whisk the egg whites to merry hell, until they are stiff as anything, and then gradually add the sugar. i use one of those lovely old hand operated two pronged whisks with a double cog. at this point you can also add things like coffee essence, or a dramatic reduction. i've seen them with streaks of wonderful dark blackberry, like little ice sculptures. place them on a greased backing tray, and place in a very low oven. even 80 degrees and let them dry out and solidify, leaving sticky bottoms (the best bit).
these really remind me of our old family kitchen. and also of good double cream. a marriage made in heaven.

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