Friday, November 23, 2007


dani and i went out on a little celebratory crawl around soho the other day. and ended up in the exquisit and cosy restaurant, Andrew Edmunds. i'd always walked passed thinking it was probably very expensive, but actually it's really reasonable. especially easy to swallow as the food was my favourite kind. unpretentious but very insightful, classic and yet bold too. and the atmosphere is brilliant, just like soho should be: squashed, dark and full of hubub. we shared 3 unbelievably good starters all of a fish vibe:
OCTOPUS SALAD which was really meaty, almost like chicken, with warm little potatoes and morsels of chorizo. a very happy connection of flavours, perfectly balanced. and also lovely light dressed crab, and finally a little castle of smoked mackerel with roasted beetroot and horseradish cream. this was really lovely too. i used to shy away from beetroot because i'm anal and it's messy and stains, but the tenderness with the fish flesh, and the horseradish kick was a perfect plate of alternating textures and surprises. GO TO ANDREW EDMUNDS. 46 Lexington Street, W1. GO GO GO. i think it'd be a stylish first date venue if that's your thing.

then we decided to hit madam jojo's to see African Boy, a brilliant boy who pens funny lyrics about the african community in britain. apparently they spend a lot of time in Lidl. we danced away, and watched idiots dance on stage. because they think he's the joke. but actually he's having the last laugh. although an unusual pairing, i'll be checking out both andrew edmunds and african boy again very soon.

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