Friday, November 16, 2007


i'm really enjoying my cheese this week. we are doing a special wintery ciabatta at Rosie's with DRY CURED FREE RANGE SUSSEX HAM, and MRS KIRKHAM'S LANCASHIRE CHEESE, with my plum and chilli relish. it's going to be total sell out. this lancashire is a mild crumbly thing with creamy flavours to boot.
one morning this week became a particular cheese fest. me and smiley salivating over a new roundel i'd got in, called CASHEL BLUE. i'd read about in a food magazine so thought that was as good a reason as any to order a lump. and it turns out that it's just amazing: creamy and rich like stilton, and yet not harsh. it's varied, and full of suprises, as all good artisan cheeses are. smiley even said he could smell the farm yard in it! anyway, we had a lovely time, me, smiley and the cheese. added to this we've also got in the brindisa classic, DIAZ MIGUEL MANCHEGO, in big hunks. it's a well matured hard one and it would be perfect with the apple puree i've got bubbling away on the hob right now.

have a lovely weekend: i'll be cooking mostly. sunday lunch is approaching fast. and the belly of pork is on my mind.

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