Monday, November 26, 2007


i've had a weekend of citrus vibes. on saturday morning i made a really tasty but light tart: ALMOND CRUST ORANGE TART. the addition of nuts to the crust makes it a little more subtantial and the juice in the custard makes for a seriously delicate light filling. so it makes a really contrasting experience of textures, which in my mind/mouth is a good one. in honestly, jaz and i devoured a fair amount of it before our customers had a chance.

PATE SUCREE but instead of the full amount of plain flour, use 1/3 ground almonds.
100ml CREAM
4 dsp SUGAR

blind bake the pastry in a 6" tray for about 15 minutes or until it is dried out and beginning to golden around the frills. grate the zest of the two oranges and mix with the juice of one. add the eggs, sugar and cream and beat thoroughly. pour into the pastry case. bake for about 1/2 an hour or until the orangey custard is set. eat it still warm if possible.
and then on saturday night i went on a south london marathon, first going to meet a lovely butcher at borough market, then swiftly eating a steak in battersea for gervase's birthday at the mega santa maria del sur restaurant. then on to bowling in elephant and castle with some ladies, before culminating at cafe tris for toddla and raf's records. the next day we were all in need of some goodness. and so this pile of fruit became our tincture for the day. put through a mega smoothie maker it smacked us all into the day with it's sharp but medicinal vibe.
today i'm nearly human again.

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